Values Participation Agreement

It is imperative to the TCAL Mission that all Administrators & Athletic Directors in our league agree to in principle and practice with our 5 Key Values. Our Values and corresponding agreements must be agreed to by all coaches, staff, student-athletes, and student-athlete parents, prior to competing. These values were developed by the Executive Board and reflect the environment we expect at our member institutions. Violations of these expectations will be met with sanctions, probations, and expulsion:

  • Respect
    – Acknowledging the importance of others
    – Knowing the worth of opponents
    – Understanding the value of competition
  • Self-Control
    – Focusing on my own actions
    – Harnessing my emotions
    – Keeping my conversation positive
  • Integrity
    – Building Character in myself and others
    – Addressing issues honestly
    – Leading others by my example
  • Humility
    – Giving MY maximum effort
    – Congratulating my opponents
    – Receiving instruction
  • Positive Environment
    – League Environment
    – Game Environment
    – Practice Environment
    – Family Environment
    – Classroom Environment

In Agreement with the above values:

  • I purpose to provide quality participation for the student-athletes under my direction.
  • I view high school athletics as one of the greatest avenues for developing leadership and maturity.
  • I will endeavor to develop a high degree of responsibility and commitment both personally and in my student-athletes or team-mates.
  • I will operate under the code of conduct in the TCAL manual regarding proper principles of attitude and conduct.
  • I shall maintain personal and institutional integrity by adhering to TCAL ethical and moral standards.
  • I will instruct my student-athletes or team-mates to always play fair and according to the spirit of the rules.
  • I will encourage physical skill development and emotional control.
  • I will strive for wholesome competition for my local and statewide constituencies to witness and enjoy.
  • I will secure the utmost protection for my student-athletes or team-mates while engaging in competition and travel, thus providing good equipment, safe playing conditions, proper supervision, and medical and physiological attention to their needs.
  • I will assist in bringing the name of TCAL before my local community and the general public as an organization worthy of recognition.
  • I view my position as a sacred trust with opportunity for leadership and influence among young people who possess God-given talents

Code of Conduct and Ethics

We are dedicated to changing lives through coaching, encouraging fairness, perseverance, self-discipline and healthy competitiveness while keeping athletics for everyone. The coach-athlete relationship provides an opportunity to maximize the athlete’s total development. Such influence can be positive or negative, depending on how well the coach follows accepted guidelines and expectations. Whether coaches are compensated or work solely as volunteers, they are responsible for the competencies found within the following:

  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Conditioning
  • Growth and Development
  • Teaching and Communication
  • Sport Skills and Tactics

The function of a T-CAL Coach is to educate players through participation in interscholastic competition. Texas Christian Athlete League / Board reserves the right to impose penalties (suspension, fines, or both) if any of these guidelines are broken. All T-CAL Coaches will abide by the following guidelines:

  • Take responsibility for athlete’s well-being and development
  • Provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for athletes during practice/games
  • Practice safe training conditioning techniques that are current
  • Exhibit sound injury and risk management practices
  • Take an active role in the prevention of drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse
  • Avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco products when in contact with players
  • Maintain a professional demeanor in their relationships with athletes, officials, colleagues, directors, and parents Exert their influence to enhance sportsmanship by spectators and players
  • Never shame a player but correct them in an uplifting way. NO PROFANITY!!
  • Never permit an ineligible player to participate in a practice or game
  • Uphold ALL rules and guidelines within the T-CAL By-Laws
  • Accept the reality that I serve as role models: as such, my actions must must live up to my words


Professional Acknowledgement

I will adhere to and continue to read the TCAL MANUAL and Contest Rules. I understand the contents of the TCAL MANUAL, Contest Rules and sport manuals including relevant web sites associated with my activity(s) as they are applicable to me, to the students in my charge, to the school to which I am assigned, and to the school district.

It will comply with all of the provisions of the TCAL MANUAL and Contest Rules. Further, in the event of an official rules change, or an official interpretation, I understand that I will be responsible for abiding by said rules after official notification of the change or interpretation. It is my intention to describe to my students all applicable provisions of the TCAL MANUAL and Contest Rules within a TCAL activity of which I am in charge.

I am giving this professional acknowledgement to acknowledge the above stated facts and the professional responsibility I freely accept with respect to my actions or omissions in activities of the TEXAS CHRISTIAN ATHLETIC LEAGUE and to assure my students, the parents of my students, my school, my school district, and TCAL officers: (a) that I am aware of those actions and
omissions that constitute violations of the TCAL MANUAL and Contest Rules; (b) that I am aware of the ranges of possible penalties that may be imposed following a violation; and (c) that I am aware of the persons against whom TCAL may impose penalties. In particular, I acknowledge my understanding of the penalties that may be assessed against me should I fail to comply with the provisions of the TCAL MANUAL and Contest Rules. I acknowledge that I am making this statement to be filed with my school, my district, and TCAL official.


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